Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Report

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British Ceramic Tile, Gender Pay Gap Report (April 2017)

The Gender Pay Gap reporting legislation, which came into force in April 2017, requires all UK employers with 250 or more employees to publish annual information detailing pay differences between male and female employees.

A 'gender pay gap' is the difference between average male and female pay across an organisation, regardless of the nature of the work. This means that gender distribution across roles and 'grades' will be a significant driver of any gap. An 'equal pay gap', on the other hand is different, this refers to an unlawful pay gap between male and female employees carrying out equal work.

British Ceramic Tile is committed to the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment of all employees, and therefore welcomes this recent legislation and associated requrements. We operate robust and objective pay processes and are confident that all our employees are paid fairly based on merit.

You can read our full report here.