[VIDEO] Ted Baker blends design, fashion and history at The London Hub

The London Hub is our recently opened Clerkenwell base for all things history, design and stunning tiles. So it was only fitting that it would play host to Ted Baker’s in-house Historian, Peter McDonough whilst discussing the connection between art, design, history and politics.

As a collaboration partner of Ted Baker, we enjoyed listening to Peter outline the inspiration behind a number of their iconic designs, and the processes they undertake. He outlined various design principles throughout the 30 minute presentation, in particular that “great art can be great design” and that “inspiration can come from the unlikeliest source”. This was illustrated by an anecdote about how one of Ted Baker’s designs was inspired by a lottery cart from the early 1900s.

Peter went on to explain how history and design are intertwined, and how modern design and fashion is often a “reimagining of the past”. Using military trends in fashion as an example and citing the resurgence of camouflage prints, as well as WW1 style trench coats and bomber jackets.

The lecture ended on a poignant note about how function, design and beauty need not be separate, but could live harmoniously as one. His prop to demonstrate this fact was actually none other than British Ceramic Tile’s ArTile splashback, a stunning collaboration range with Ted Baker.


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