Mix Interior’s Round Table Event

In a very digital world, the art of customer service can at times become an afterthought for many brands, perhaps without even realising it. This is not the case for the Specification team at British Ceramic Tile.

The importance of exceptional customer service is ingrained in everything we do and something we’re constantly striving to raise the bar on. During Clerkenwell Design Week 2017,  we delivered a display that highlighted just how important customer service is to us as a brand. The final message was that we want to collaborate with clients, not just offer them a run-of-the-mill service.


So, when we found out Mix Interior’s round table was all about customer service being the ‘real USP’, we felt compelled to host the event at our hub in London.

Joined by some of the most influential people in the industry from the likes of Spacelab, Hassell and Woodalls Design, our very own Chief Executive, Tony Taylor,  discusses the future of service and the challenges we face to maintain the ‘standard’.

From the demands of clients and the lack of time in a fast paced world, to the need for personalised and immersive customer experiences, we collectively lay it all out on the table sharing our own insights and experiences in the industry.


To read about the full event, be sure to pick up a copy of this month’s Mix Interior’s. For now, here’s a big thank from us for everyone involved on the day.