Interior Trends 2016/17 – The Industrial Aesthetic

Quarzite Light Grey – Multiuse – R9

Welcome to the first in a series of 3 blogs on this years most influential interior styles. In this post, we’re looking at some of the top industrial trends this year.


The industrial trend takes on many forms, anything from exposed pipework and crumbling brick walls, to worn concrete and rusting metals. This contemporary trend is all about the understated, embracing raw materials and recycling with style.

The eclectic, relaxed style is already well established in the kitchen, and continues to grow in popularity, as the look travels to other rooms. Combinations and styling is key to this look with ‘unfinished’ woods, worn metals and aged bricks being perfect companions, to create a super cool interior full of character. Fixtures and fittings feature dark matt finishes which contrast with woods and metals, epitomising this unrefined look.

The trend is based on the foundation of original features that embrace the heritage of an industrial era. The mood can easily be recreated by mixing textured surfaces – such as re-cycled woods, beaten metallics and exposed bricks.


Raw, gritty and glamorous, the industrial minimalistic look, and versatility of concrete is empowering designers and architects more and more. This has marked a move away from smooth, clean surfaces, to uneven and industrial materials.

Building on the popularity of greys and up-cycled living, the raw and industrial feel of concrete finishes is as popular as ever. This season goes further by imprinting textures into unset concrete, softening the overall look, whether it be a natural finish or a decorative pattern.

Either way, the stylistic result of concrete is dramatic and striking.


Concrete Dark Grey Matt – Multiuse – R10  


Wood has always been popular but with this trend we see it reinvented. It is never far from an interior scheme as it adds a natural warmth, but this latest addition uses wood in a more dramatic way. Dark and light shades of wood are combined decoratively creating patterned walls and floors. These sit perfectly alongside icons in furniture such as Ercol, where form and shape is of paramount importance.

Enhance space by using elongated planks on both walls and floors. Go further – mix and match different grains and shades to build a parquet-patterned floor.

fossil wood roomsetFossil Wood Chestnut – Multiuse – R10

Metallic Moments

Metallic finishes are as popular as ever, but we are starting to see a subtle shift in how they are being used, seeing a more confident combination of all shades. Chrome and silver metallics are still a staple in interiors but the addition of warmer metals such as copper and rose gold, adds a touch of luxury and a sense of warmth that has a dramatic effect on the mood of any room.

Statement metals are key, smooth and crisp or beaten and worn finishes – anything goes. Create an almost eccentric, quirky style with multiple metallic combinations. Statement metals offer a rich, deep and individual styling that is introduced onto many surfaces, from striking splashbacks to structured walls.

 Mosaics Luxe Random Mirror

Mosiacs Luxe Random Mirror


Copper creates a sumptuously modern look that is pure industrial luxury! There is often the feel of unfinished functionality surrounding copper but the stylistic combinations of this warm metallic shade with elegant design make this trend anything but functional.  Large areas of statement copper on surfaces and walls reflect light and extend the visual space within a room. Copper is an easy tone to work with offering warmth and beauty, use key pieces to add decorative flair or just enjoy the warm glow and relaxed ambience it creates.

mosaics copper metallics

Mosaics Luxe Foil Glass

Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is an evolution of the Urban Luxe trend from 2015. In past seasons weathered woods and worn, exposed brickwork were unashamedly un-adorned, it was rugged and a bold statement. This year we are seeing the addition of a floral element. These florals and organic patterns are set against the backdrop of raw weathered surfaces and brickwork, bringing a softness to this contemporary look. Up-cycled finishes and delicate in style – it is all about understated elegance.

Reinvigorate your interiors with a mix of salvaged timbers, weathered surfaces and home-spun charm.

Desert 20mm Grey Matt

Desert 20mm Grey R11