Beach Pebble Walls Adorn a Stunning Shoreham Beach House

We’re big fans of locally sourced materials at British Ceramic Tile. The vast majority of our raw materials, 95% in fact, comes directly from the beautiful Devon landscape. The furthest quarry we use is 80 miles away, and yet, this project really does take the phrase ‘locally sourced’ to a whole new level.

Shoreham beach house Abir architects

Created by ABIR Architects, who are based in Hove, using pebbles found on the beach right outside to create the interesting facade of the home. The look was achieved using gabions, cages filled with rocks, more commonly used to stabilise shorelines and combat erosion.

Shoreham beach house Abir architects

The overall idea of the house was to create the effect that it was growing from the beach and reflect the surrounding. With the base of the building literally clad with it’s surroundings and the upper floor featuring an open plan living space surrounded with large windows and panoramic ocean views.

Shoreham beach house Abir architects

The materials used don’t stop at just the pebbles. Locally sourced timber was utilised for the roof, as well as the decking and path in the garden. It even features native seaside shrubbery!

All in all, a simply stunning house that suits its surroundings to a tee.

Image Credit: Dezeen