4 Key Interior Design Trends for Businesses in 2017

As you know, our Head of Design has already shared our Trend Edit for 2017.

This post is going to focus on 4 key trends in interior design that are worth considering for your next project.

1. Dream Weaver

Key features:

  • Luxury rattan
  • Wickerwork
  • Rustic hessian
  • Textured tweed

Tapping into the trend for natural textures with a tactile quality is Dream Weaver. All about the combination of organic materials and neutral colours, Dream Weaver is a pure, modern look that will make a strong design statement for 2017.

Laid back in its style, it has a tactile, ‘touch me’ quality that can instantly transform a light and airy space into something more homely and inviting. Rattan, jute, cork and hessian materials are true to form and feature a contemporary execution.

Elements of the Throw Back trend can be seen throughout, with space and classic shapes interweaved into the design scheme. Statement pieces feel handmade and personal and are styled together to create a sense of rustic luxury. Hints of tribal elements can be seen with Latin American and African style influences coming through discreetly. The key to the look is keeping your background simple and clean, selecting natural materials and accessories.

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2. Industrial Elegance


Key features:

  • Brushed steel
  • Polished concrete
  • Exposed copper
  • Reformed timber

Industrial elegance is a refined development of the raw and urban industrial trend. The gritty, industrial look has taken a more feminine turn in 2017 – with decoration and texture providing character and warmth to a stark, urban design scheme.

The overall look is clean and contemporary with imperfection in the detail. Loft living met with flourishes of luxury. Materials such as concrete, slate and steel tap into the raw, urban look with weathered metallics and reflective surfaces adding refined finishes. This tactile take on the industrial trend is all about nature and warmth coming together cleverly with cool, contemporary interiors. Surface textures are worn, distressed and aged, yet have a modern delivery with crisp white walls and polished floors delivering sophistication.

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3. Sumptuous Surfaces


Key features:

  • Textured leathers
  • Glazed ceramic
  • Corrugated sheeting
  • Quilted fabrics

Surfaces in 2017 have a tactile quality with texture and pattern everywhere from tableware through to ceramics. With a two-dimensional quality, these surface patterns are discreet in their execution, bringing visual intrigue to design schemes within an organic, natural colour palette.

The trend for structure is indicative of the movement towards softer, more feminine interiors. The approach is individual and eclectic with an artisan feel. Structured patterns and surface decoration offer layers of textural interest that effortlessly translates to wall coverings, accessories and furniture.

Ceramics are full of sculptural detail including pleats, folds and gentle forms. Design references take their cue from the ancient art of origami with geometric patterns transforming the plain and understated into works of art.

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4. Tarnished Beauty


Key features:

  • Textured brass
  • Oxidised copper
  • Burnished gold
  • Brushed steel

Metallic finishes with an inherent beauty and a story to tell. Aged, distressed and rusted to such an extent they look antique, the high shine of metal has been weathered to reveal a new
faded glory.

Brass is essential to the look and will be the material of choice. Glimmering shades of copper, steel and rose gold are set against a colour palette of burnished tones such as umber, paprika and rust.

A trend that exudes glamour and warmth, there is unmistakable rawness about the look that has been toned down with luxurious metals, mirrored-effects and natural materials alongside stone floors, wooden beams and reclaimed brassware. Incredibly versatile, the end result can be dark and moody offering a sense of sophistication, or light and airy with beautiful metallic accents offset by an all white colour scheme.

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