Our Mission

British Ceramic Tile is an ultra-modern and energy efficient manufacturer of ceramic tiles based in Devon. With a complete redevelopment of the Candy factory in 1998 British Ceramic Tile has gone from strength to strength


Our Joint Chairman, Konrad Goess- Saurau, proudly details the success of our innovative business model.

Our Motivation

Today, most of the ceramic tiles sold in Britain are imported.
We aim to change this by producing better quality, better value ceramic tiles that are specifically designed to fulfil the tiling needs of the UK market.


To us, perfection is not just about making fabulous tiles that are beautifully designed and immaculately produced.
Perfection is the daily ongoing pursuit, which our company strives to achieve, both in our production and service levels. We are constantly designing new products, improving our service and developing new ways to reduce our impact on the environment whilst simultaneously keeping prices low for our customers.


Our continued success as a company relies on our cutting-edge designs and this has been recognised by a number of prestigious design awards. But this is not the only area in which our achievements are being recognised. We have also been awarded the Millennium Business Award for Leadership and Environment in recognition of our commitment to reducing our impact on the planet. Our excellent service levels were also acknowledged when we received the Chartered Institute of Professional Supply (CIPS) award for Best Supply Chain Initiative in a Small Company 2008.


As you would expect, British Ceramic Tile has attained both ISO 9001 (2008) and ISO 14001 certification for its quality and environmental management systems.

Formal quality management is rigorous throughout both our sophisticated manufacturing and support processes. Our quality management systems department in conjunction with a team of internal auditors, regularly audits our production methods; these audits are also reinforced by external professional quality and compliance organisations.

World Class Systems

How the introduction of Integrated Management Systems will bring British Ceramic Tile to world class manufacturing levels.

Our People

While a high degree of automation in our manufacturing process allows us to produce high quality and affordable tiles, it is our people that make us a truly exceptional company. Without a doubt, our extensive growth and impressive success to date have been driven by our determined and hard-working teams.


British Ceramic Tile recognises that it has a responsibility to the local community not least because so many of our employees form part of that community.
We aim to make a positive impact by contributing economically, socially and environmentally to the region.
We treat our local area with respect and we are constantly seeking new ways to work alongside members of our community to improve this region of which we are so very fond.


Our contribution to important
local community and environmental projects.


We are extremely proud of our association with the area of Dartmoor.
Dartmoor provides the materials that we use to make our tiles so our respect for our environment both locally and within Devon is at the core of everything we do.
The proximity of our raw materials combined with our direct supply policy means that we cover fewer miles throughout the process of manufacturing and delivering our products.
While the proximity of our raw materials maintains our low prices and high quality product, it also guarantees significantly less impact on the environment.


It is important to us that our values are shared by all our employees. We provide our employees with various opportunities to openly challenge the way the business is run, therefore they are able to express their ideas and tangibly contribute to creating a safer and more efficient working environment. The business thrives through open communications, strong teamwork, and cross-functional camaraderie underpinned by a flat management structure.

A competitive remuneration scheme rewarding exceptional achievement and commitment works effectively alongside our commitment to personal training and development. As a result we have a modern and vibrant workplace coupled with a passionate and professional workforce.


As a business our short and long-term growth is dependant on our relationship with a nucleus of supply partners, who must also be capable of relative growth and share our commitment to the community and environment. They too will have strong corporate and social responsibility values.

The sourcing of local materials, the efficient use of energy and natural resources such as water are not just a politically correct mantra, they have become an essential part of our continued business success.

Tiles are fragile and heavy as are the raw material components we use to make them. Therefore transport is a primary concern both financially and environmentally. We work hard to optimise our transport arrangements and we have been recognised by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply professionals for our innovation in this area.

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